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Why Our Customers Love Their Fabric Exhibition Stands

Why Our Customers Love Their Fabric Exhibition Stands

Fabric exhibition stands are rapidly growing in popularity within the event and exhibition industry because they offer a high definition alternative to traditional PVC displays.

We manufacture a vast range of fabric exhibition stands, ranging from fabric banners, fabric hanging structures and fabric promotional counters, all the way to large format fabric event backdrops and fabric media walls.

Fabric exhibition stands offer businesses unique features and benefits that other display solutions do not have, and it is these key advantages that are propelling fabric displays to the top of the bestseller list for exhibition and event marketing.

If you’re new to exhibitions then you may be wondering, what are these benefits that we’ve mentioned and why are people using these as a guide when buying a fabric display stand?

Formulate Monolith Fabric Banners 600mm


One of the biggest things that sway our customer’s decision on whether or not to invest in a product is the longevity of it.

Most people will not invest their money into a product that is below-par; people want a product that will last a lifetime.

Each fabric exhibition stand is printed in-house using a dye-sublimation technique, meaning we inject ink into the weave of the fabric rather than printing it on top.

The benefit of this is that it results in graphics that are ultra-vibrant and high definition, as well as incredibly durable.

In fact, the graphics are so durable as a result of the dye-sublimation printing technique, they can be washed at 30 degrees without incurring any damage.

This is a major benefit for brands who exhibit a lot and need a display that can not only withstand constant use, but one that can retain that like-new look and feel every time.

Elasticity within the graphic material means that as soon as the display is fully assembled and the graphic becomes tensioned and taut, any creases or wrinkles are instantly smoothed out.

This means you can fold your graphics as much as you need to in terms of storage and you need never worry about your display looking rough and untidy.


Exhibitions are stressful enough, let alone with having to assemble a complicated display with lots of tools and expensive contractors.

Many people opt for fabric exhibition stands because they eliminate the complexities of building an effective promotional display.

Comprised of lightweight tubular aluminium frames that slot together with a push-fit motion, fabric exhibition stands take just minutes to assemble.

There is no need for tools or more than one pair of hands.

Once the frame is up, you simply slide the one-piece fabric sock over the top and zip it up at the bottom to keep it secure.

It really is as simple as that.

Formulate Straight Fabric Exhibition Stand


The aim of exhibitions is to increase sales through the means of generating new leads and creating a boost in brand awareness.

Exhibition halls are often very crowded with high volumes of visitors and hundreds of exhibitors; many of whom will more than likely be in direct competition with you.

This makes getting attention and increasing your brand engagement that much harder.

A low-quality display with pixelated imagery will not help your case.

With fabric exhibition stands, you are guaranteed a premium-looking display stand every time.

The colours come out ultra-pigmented and vibrant, creating a dazzling display that is sure to get the attention of everyone at your event.

Value for Money

Formulate MonolithFabric Exhibition Stand 1500mm

We realise that exhibitions can be expensive, with floor space alone sometimes costing tens of thousands of pounds.

When so much of your marketing budget is spent on your exhibiting space, it can be tempting to go for the cheaper option in regards to exhibition display solutions.

The majority of businesses won’t just exhibit once, and so it pays off to invest in an exhibition stand that can withstand multiple uses so as to avoid spending more money on a new stand each time you attend an event.

We are one of the only UK suppliers to provide double-sided fabric printing at no extra charge, meaning you can get a fabric exhibition stand with 360-degree promotion without paying a penny extra.

The dye-sublimation printing means your display won’t crack, peel or fade – even if it is washed at 30 degrees to keep things looking fresh and bright.

In addition, replacement graphics for fabric exhibition stands are much more cost-effective when your marketing message changes as oppose to buying an entirely new display.

The list of reasons why fabric exhibition stands are becoming so popular goes on and on.

If you still need convincing on how effective fabric displays look, why not check out our inspiration page to see a collection of the different fabric exhibition stand pictures our clients have sent us.

If you are interested in fabric exhibition stands and would like to find out more, contact us or call one of our dedicated sales team members on 01733 511030.