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Using X GLOO in High Winds

Using X GLOO in High Winds

X GLOO is a pioneering inflatable event tent that has revolutionised outdoor exhibiting around the world. Every event and exhibition supplier will know the name X GLOO thanks to its stellar reputation and exceptional quality.

There are so many inflatable event tents on the market, but none mirror the quality and impact of the X GLOO. Skywalk – X GLOO’s parent company – are experts in kitesurfing and paragliding, meaning they developed X GLOO based on extensive aerodynamic knowledge.

It’s obvious that kitesurfing and paragliding equipment must be durable enough and tough enough to last when used in high winds. Skywalk took their expertise on this subject and applied it to X GLOO, resulting in the sturdiest and most weatherproof inflatable tent in the world.

An X GLOO inflatable event tent can withstand up to 60km/h of wind – that’s a Beaufort scale 7 or 37mph depending on which anchoring solution you use. Considering the heaviest 8×8 tent weighs 43kgs, that’s an impressive effort from the X GLOO.

In order to keep your X GLOO event tent stable, you need to ensure that it is anchored down correctly. There are several ways for you to anchor your X GLOO depending on the terrain you are exhibiting on and the weather conditions on the day.

X GLOO Inflatable Event Tent

Anchoring Set

The easiest and most straightforward way of keeping your X GLOO stable in high winds is with the anchoring set. Push the loop end of one anchoring line through one of the shoulder loops on the tent. Push the straight end of the anchor line through the loop end and pull it through until the anchor line is tight around the shoulder loop. Using a line tensioner, secure the tent by connecting the anchor line to a tent peg positioned approximately two meters from the base of the tube and tighten the line using the line tensioner. This anchoring solution is only suitable for use on soft ground.

Tube Ballasts

Tube ballasts are a great solution for anchoring your X-GLOO event tent down on soft or hard ground. You simply fill them up with water and attach them to the foot on each leg.  Tube ballasts are easy to use; simply fill them up with water, secure the valves, place the bladder back into the black nylon bag and secure using the toggles. They then attach to the bottom of each leg using a toggle, with the rubber side facing down. You can use up to two tube ballasts on one leg depending on what size tent you have, and the winds that you are expecting.

Water Ballasts

Water BallastsX-GLOO water barrel ballasts are our most effective anchoring solution. Each barrel holds up to 80 litres of water each and once attached to the X-GLOO it remains sturdily in place even in the harshest conditions. Much like with tube ballasts, you simply fill the barrel up with water and secure the valve. They attach to the X-GLOO legs using a steel shackle. There is a different kit required for each tent size depending on the wind speed it is expected to endure, the 8×8 X-GLOO event tent can require up to four barrels per leg.

You can invest in printed water ballast covers to further extend your branding should you wish to. The unique thing about water ballasts is that they can be used as seats as well as anchors.

Wall Ballasts

If you are using walls within your X GLOO inflatable event tent, they will also need to be secured in high winds. You can purchase additional wall ballasts that work in the same way as tube ballasts. They attach to the walls using the toggles which connect with the base of each wall. The size of your X-GLOO wall will depend on the number of wall ballasts you require.

Once you have secured your X GLOO properly, it will be able withstand whatever nature throws at it. If you still have doubts, the X GLOO was tested in a professional wind tunnel during its prototype phase; proving that it is more than capable of standing up to the elements.

As well as being wind-proof, the X GLOO is also fully waterproof and B1 certified fire retardant. In addition, it has a UV resistance of 50+ ensuring your high-quality print remains bright and long lasting.

Here at XL Displays, we are the UK’s sole distributor of X GLOO inflatable event tents. We have a diamond supplier status and supply the full range of X-GLOO event tent solutions.   You can choose from either a 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 or 8×8 X GLOO tent, as well as whole range of accessories such as a roof canopy or a printed walls.

Each X GLOO effortlessly inflates within 5-10 minutes; all you have to do is lay the matrix out and effortlessly inflate it using the electric pump. Incredibly lightweight, highly portable and fully customisable, the X GLOO inflatable event tent is the perfect solution for brands looking to take their marketing message to the next level.

For more information about the X GLOO, visit our X GLOO page or call us on 01733 511030.