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The Not So Humble Fabric Exhibition Stand

The Not So Humble Fabric Exhibition Stand

Humble is having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s importance. This is exactly what fabric exhibition stands are not; they are the most important investment your brand can make.

There are so many reasons why we love fabric displays and here’s why:

Exceptional Print Detail

Fabric Exhibition Stands

We recently upgraded our print facility to enable us to produce high-quality fabric displays in-house at a reduced cost to our customers with a photo-quality finish.

The modern printing technique we use is called dye-sublimation and this process is where extreme heat and pressure are used to fuse ink directly into the weave of the fabric, resulting in high-quality artwork.

Our two-phase dye-sublimation printing process provides full-colour graphics with exceptional print detail and vivid colours. The fabric graphics offer unrivalled colour richness, ensuring your brand is represented in the most professional and effective way.

Effortless to Assemble

Formulate Fabric Exhibition Stand Assembly

Fabric exhibition stands are extremely lightweight and portable. They are easy to transport and come supplied in an easy to carry transport bag which is specially designed to hold the hardware and printed graphics.

As easy as they are to take to an event, they are just as simple to assemble. There is no need to hire expensive contractors to build your exhibition stand, nor is there any need to take a large install or a set up team. Just one person can assemble a fabric exhibition stand.

Our Formulate fabric displays utilise a lightweight 30mm aluminium frame which is supplied in different sections. Each section is on an elasticated bungee, so it is easy to know which bit goes where. Every end is numbered, making it quick to join multiple sections together.

Each section of the aluminium hardware is joined by a simple push fit motion, enabling you to assemble the framework in just minutes.

Once the hardware is assembled, all you then need to do is slide the one-piece tension fabric sock over the frame and zip it up along the bottom.

Huge Range of Sizes

Here at XL Displays, we are proud to have one of the UK’s largest fabric exhibition stand range. All TEXstyle displays are manufactured in-house, so we are able to offer many different styles and sizes for a competitive price.

Our bestselling solution is the Formulate 3000mm Curve Fabric Display Stand. It is one of the most popular displays as it can fit into most shell scheme spaces, but it also features double-sided graphics which are ideal for floor-only exhibition stands.

Our range features fabric displays from 600mm wide to 6000mm wide and every size in-between.

High Impact

There are many reasons why fabric exhibition stands are becoming more and more popular, one of them being that they offer unrivalled impact for any brand.

These premium displays stand out amongst what is typically a sea of pop up stands and roller banners in almost all exhibition halls.

They look different, they stand out and the provide a vibrant and premium alternative to your neighbouring exhibition stand, and, more importantly, your competitors.

Double Sided

The printed graphic is a one-piece sock which means it is essentially two pieces of tensioned fabric which are stitched together.

This gives you two large areas to promote your marketing message. It’s the ideal solution for space-only exhibition stands as there is branding on both sides which is visible to visitors coming from all directions.

At XL Displays, we offer single and double-sided print for the same low cost.


We manufacture all fabric exhibition stands in-house, giving us complete control over the quality. To ensure our displays are the most durable they can be, we don’t just stitch the fabric together, we over lock them.

There are two major benefits to this; one is hat the seams are ultra-strong and resistant to tearing, but also,  as they are over locked on the reverse, they are completely invisible when the tension fabric is applied to the frame.

We stitch in the zips with clear mono-filament thread which is ultra-tough. Because it is clear, it cannot be seen along the bottom of your artwork.

You can machine wash the fabric graphics on a 30-degree wash to keep them looking fresh and clean for each event. The durable graphics can be folded up when not in use and stored in the carry bag provided. Once applied to the frame, the elasticity in the fabric stretches out any wrinkles and creases it may have, giving you a seamless, tensioned fabric display for your event.

For more information on our fabric exhibition stands, please call us on 01733 511030.