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The Importance of Social Media

The Importance of Social Media

In the business world, many companies rely heavily on eCommerce websites to help boost their revenue. Whilst this corner of the internet has been widely accepted as the norm and, for many, is the backbone of most of their sales, social media is still rather hit and miss.

Some businesses have a presence on every social media platform, whilst others are reluctant to create any profiles whatsoever. At a time when you wouldn’t start a business without a website, it seems almost silly to not have a social media presence as well.

Brand Awareness

Social media can bring several benefits to your business, the first and arguably the biggest of which is enhancing your brand awareness. People who may not necessarily have otherwise known about your business may find you on social media.

This may be through a sponsored post of yours, or your page might come up as a suggested page. It may even be because someone has a mutual friend who has engaged with your business page in some capacity. Either way, by having a social media profile you are exposing your business to potentially billions of people.


If your business is going to succeed, your customer service needs to be perfected. Social media affords you the opportunity to interact and engage with clients in a punctual and timely manner on a platform that is great for customers who are on the go.

We often get enquiries from customers through social media. We are able to promptly respond and resolve their queries without having to wait for emails or return phone calls.

Social media also allows you the chance to start a conversation with clients on various topics, including industry trends and seeing how your service has benefited your customers.

Article Promotion

We have previously spoken about how blogging can benefit your business, and this point still stands tall. One of the main ways to drive traffic to your blog and to make the most out of it is to set up social media accounts and to promote your blog through them. At XL Displays, every Monday we write a new article and post the link on all of our social sites.

Throughout the week we will recycle blog links from previous articles so that our content is being read the maximum amount of times. This means our efforts are not being exhausted on a post that is only promoted once. At the same time, we benefit from increased traffic and readers.

Sales and Offers

We know businesses love to shout about sales and promotions, and there is no easier way to let people know that you have some great deals than through social media. By pinning a post to the top of your social profiles, your campaign will be the first thing people see when visiting your page. This could easily translate into sales.


The final big benefit of social media is the chance to showcase positive customer experiences. People buy people, so by proving that you have good customer service skills will put you a step ahead. At XL, we often promote our Trustpilot reviews, but we also respond quickly and translate our telephone customer service onto social media. Customers are more likely to buy from a brand that has good feedback.

Some social media platforms may no suit your brand, and there is by no need to have profiles on every site going. However, there will more than likely be a site that will work for you. It is worth dedicating a small amount of time to building up a following and enhancing your brand awareness.

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