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The Best Fabric Exhibition Stands from the 2018 Exhibition Season

The Best Fabric Exhibition Stands from the 2018 Exhibition Season

As the 2018 event and exhibition season draws to a close, now is the perfect time to take a look back at some of the best fabric exhibition stands of the year.

We’ve manufactured countless fabric displays this season, all of which have the same vivid colours, the same crisp quality and the same show stopping impact. This makes choosing our favourites extremely hard because each stand has its own originality and personality.

There are too many great displays to pick from, so instead we have chosen a selection of fabric exhibition stands all in varying sizes, shapes and graphic design elements.

Wales Interactive 2400mm Formulate Straight Fabric Display

The first fabric exhibition stand we have chosen to share is this 2400mm Formulate Straight display stand for Wales Interactive. Being a video game publisher, Wales Interactive’s brand is heavily centred on graphic design, and so it was clear from the outset that any exhibition stand of theirs was going to be good.

Although there is a lot going on in the lower two thirds with regards to colours and imagery, their brand identity isn’t lost. With such a large logo contrasting against the black background, it’s clear which company this is for – a key design element for businesses looking to enhance their brand awareness and seeking recognition from afar.

Cynergize 6m Formulate Straight Fabric Display Stand

Next up is this 6m Formulate Straight fabric exhibition stand for Cynergize. We had to include this display not only because of its size, but because of the daring graphics. This stand looks like something straight out of a Disney movie because of its animated imagery and bright, fun aesthetic.

Having been printed using a dye-sublimation process, the colours have come out ultra-vibrant as oppose to if this were printed on traditional display media. During dye-sublimation, extreme heat and pressure force ink to bond with the fabric rather than it sitting on top. It’s this process that intensifies the colours, making it the perfect solution for a design such as this.

Thomas Fudge's Printed Table Runner

Fabric exhibition stands aren’t just about the biggest displays; table cloths and runners are also an essential part of creating a high impact, uniform exhibition. We manufactured this table runner for Thomas Fudge’s earlier this month. The design is simple and subtle with a modest border spanning the length of the cloth. The white background creates a clean finish that is perfect for promoting this 102-year-old business without detracting from the iconic branding.

Paired with a similar coloured tablecloth, this printed runner has a homely and vintage feel that matches the company it is portraying.

Crep Protect 6m Fomrulate Straight Fabric Exhibition Stand

In stark comparison to the table runner above is this 6000mm Formulate Straight fabric exhibition stand for shoe-care brand, Crep Protect. What we liked the most about this display is the use of faded out photography as the background. It’s bold enough that you can see it, but it’s not so attention-grabbing that it takes away from the logo on top of it.

We also particularly liked the use of yellow. Yellow can be a hard colour to pull off because it’s so bright and often clashes with other elements on a graphic design, but in this instance it contrasts nicely with the grayscale background, resulting in an eye-catching fabric exhibition stand.

Hammett Equestrian Formulate Curve Fabric Exhibition Stand

Lastly in our list is this Formulate Curve fabric exhibition stand. We have spoken about this particular stand a few times before, but we like the design so much that we had to include it again.

There are several things that we like about this fabric display, but most of all it’s the large photograph. Dye-sublimation creates a photo-quality finish that is sharper, crisper and more detailed than any other display solution. This means it is the perfect option for printing large images such as this.

With a creamy white background and muted text, the focus is on the photo. In this instance, this is what the focus should be and so the end result is a classic, professional exhibition stand that is more than fit for purpose for this brand.

We have manufactured so many more great fabric exhibition stands this season. Head over to our inspiration gallery to see the other displays we have made and to get a taster of what else we can do to help you enhance your brand awareness.

If you have any queries about investing in your very own fabric exhibition stand, don’t hesitate to get in touch or give a member of our sales team a call on 01733 511030.