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Stand Out From The Crowd With a Cost Effective Pop Up Stand

Stand Out From The Crowd With a Cost Effective Pop Up Stand

Exhibitions and events have the potential to bring in huge amounts of extra revenue for any business. Once a business has made the decision to attend an exhibition it is vital you plan for the event using your exhibition budget wisely.

For a long time, pop up stands have been the bread and butter choice for event marketing, and with good reason. They are the most versatile, portable and useful display solution on the market which can still be effortlessly self-assembled.

There are an abundance of suppliers in the industry whom all seemingly sell the ‘same’ pop up stand for roughly the same cost. Whilst this may appear to be the case, it most certainly is not.

With this in mind, we advise any customer that is looking to purchase and pop up display that they carefully investigate the supplier and the system they are purchasing.

Why you may ask? It may appear to be a great deal with a high-quality pop up stand, but in fact it could be a cheap Chinese import which may not withstand the test of time, therefore costing you more in the long run.

Pop up stands are a cost-effective display solution, but if you purchase the wrong one, you could find yourself having to replace your exhibition stand after one or two events.

Here at XL Displays, we understand pop up stands and supply 100’s each month to our customers. We have perfected the craft of manufacturing high quality pop up stands efficiently, and most importantly for an affordable cost.

We are confident our pop up stands offer the most cost effective solution available, but what sets our pop up stands apart from the rest?

UK Made

We only supply genuine Ultima® Displays Evolution Quick Plus™ pop up stand hardware which is manufactured in the UK. This is the most premium pop up system that you can purchase. We print and manufacture each graphic panel in-house at our state-of-the-art print and production facility.

Recyclable Graphics

Our graphics are printed onto 100% polyester media which is fully recyclable. The high-quality media is 505-micron stoplight, blackout media and provides an improved look and finish as opposed to the PVC media that many suppliers in the industry use.

Strong & Sturdy Magnetic Frame

Our UK made Evolution Quick Plus™ pop up stand frame is a high-quality thick grade of aluminium which offers a strong and sturdy display stand. The aluminium frame is covered with an 80 micron hard wearing anodised finish which makes it longer lasting and provides a nicer finish which is more aesthetically pleasing. The extra strong magnetic stalks hold the pop-up stand frame in place securely when is use. Our pop up stands are backed a 10 year manufacturer warranty, ensuring the product is built to last and withstand many years of exhibiting.

Fully Magnetic Display Stand

The fully magnetic pop up stand makes assembling your pop-up stands even easier. Our Evolution Quick Plus™ pop up stand graphic panels feature self-locating hooks which effortlessly attach to the pop up frame. It’s quite well known in the industry that some cheaper pop up stands can be quite fiddly to assemble, especially when attaching graphic panels. The self-locating magnetic graphic panels simply attach to the frame and position themselves. It really is that simple.

The Quick Plus pop up stands also feature two different types of mag bars, for the top, bottom and middle, which help the graphics sit smoother without small breaks.

Complete Exhibition Kit

Our pop up stand bundles include everything you need to begin exhibiting right away. Whether you are a first-time exhibitor and this is your first display, or if you have used many pop up stands before and have an existing display kit, the pop up display bundles we supply include an exhibition display with all the accessories needed to make a great first impression.

Our pop up display stands include: fully magnetic frame, printed graphic panels, a Zeus2 transportation case, set of LED lights, graphic wrap and folding beech top. The beauty of this exhibitor kit is the complete kit fits into the wheeled transportation case so transporting the display is easier than ever.

There is no need for stand contractors, you can effortlessly transport your display and assemble within minutes, saving you money on your event budget.

Wide Range Available

We offer one of the largest pop up stand ranges in the industry. Our most popular range is available in five standard sizes – 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, 3×5. Choose from a straight and curved configuration.

Our most popular pop up display is the 3x3m curved pop up stand which costs just £425.

In addition to our standard pop up stands, we also offer Jumbo pop up displays. We offer these to give our customers more choice when deciding on a display stand. Jumbo pop up stands are 3m tall and offer maximum brand exposure, placing you directly above your competition.

Busy exhibition halls are extremely competitive and standing out from the crowd can be seemingly difficult, Jumbo pop up stands are a great solution for adding extra height and visibility for any brand.

Midi pop up stands are just 1.8m high and are an ideal solution for any business who is exhibiting in a venue which may have height restrictions.

Linked pop up stands are fast becoming our best-selling display stand solution. Comprised of multiple pop up stands which are cleverly linked together to create large scale exhibition stands and back wall displays.

Linked pop up exhibition stands are a reusable and reconfigurable display solution. New graphics and pop up stands can be easily added to change the look and configuration of your stand for each event.

Our bestselling linked pop up stand is the 3m x 3m L-shaped pop up exhibition stand. It costs just £799. 3m x 3m is probably the most common exhibition space booked at events. This linked pop up display fits perfectly into this space and will cover all walls of the shell scheme.

FREE Pop Up LED Light Upgrade

We now include FREE LED lights with all pop up exhibition stand bundles. What would usually cost approx. £60 per light to upgrade, we can now offer as standard.

Our linkable LED lights use just one power socket for two lights, saving you up to 60% off your exhibition lighting costs.

The high quality LED lights utilise the latest LED die technology with a low 12w power consumption which is the equivalent of 80w halogen per LED light.

The 1200 lumen output creates a bright light output, whilst the 5600k colour temperature provides a soft daylight white glow which is welcoming and warm, appose to the blue cold light that LED lights can often give.

The CRI (colour rendering index) of 85+ ensures you see a truly accurate colour rendition of your exhibition stand.

Fast Turn Around

Our pop up displays are dispatched with 72hours of print ready artwork being sent in to our graphic design team.

Our in-house graphic designers thoroughly check each pop-up stand artwork to ensure absolute quality when it is printed. This free of charge artwork checking service enables us to foresee any issues that may arise during the printing process, which provides the opportunity to rectify with the customer.

We understand that sometimes our customers may need their display quicker than normal, so we offer an express order charge which can see the customer receive their pop up stand with 48hrs.

5* Service & Quality

We pride ourselves on offering high quality products which is backed by 5* service. No matter who our customer speaks too, they will receive the same great service.

We are proud to have over 9,500 genuine Trustpilot reviews, which speaks volumes about our products and services.

Online Demonstration Videos

We have created a range of videos which equip our customers with the benefit of visually seeing how the pop up stands are made, what they include and how it looks once assembled.

We know that it can be difficult for customers to view their exhibition stand concept, so we have created 360 videos which allow our customers to spin and interact with the displays to really get a feel for what they are purchasing.

We always speak about how effortless our pop-up stands are to assemble, well now you can see for yourself. Our pop-up stand assemble animation shows just how easy it is to assemble a pop up display.

For more information on our popup stands, please contact us or call us on 01733 511030.