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Roller Banner Accessories

Roller Banner Accessories

Roller Banner Accessories

Make your display stand out from the crowd by customising it using our wide range of roller banner accessories.

Spotlights are an ingenious way of illuminating artwork and graphics, ensuring your marketing message is highly visible. Adding accessories to your exhibition stand will enable to you effectively attract and keep your visitors engaged with your brand for longer.

One of the oldest yet most effective methods of brand promotion is through the distribution of literature. Our range of leaflet dispensers will ensure your leaflet distribution is neat and professional.

Audio visuals are designed to attract visitors to your stand and ensure engagement is maximised. Add a TV or monitor bracket to your roller banner and showcase your brand to its fullest. By playing a promotional business video, you can market your brand to the absolute fullest, making sure that every possible area that can promote your business is covered.

iPad stands can be attached to the frame of roller banners, enabling customers to interact and engage with your website and products. Experiential displays are growing in popularity and are the ones visitors are the most attracted to, so by having at least one interactive element, you are staying one step ahead of your competitors.