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Replaceable Cassette Banners

Replaceable Cassette Banners

Replaceable Cassettes

If your business is one that requires a frequent change of branding, replaceable cassettes are ideal because they offer a cost-effective solution for re-marketing your brand. They are ideal for businesses who travel a lot and attend several events a year.

Effortless graphic change is achievable by simply switching the internal graphic cassette out and replacing it with a new one. The cost-effective replacement graphic frees up more of your marketing budget instead of buying an entirely new banner stand each time your marketing message changes.

Replaceable cassettes come with all the same great features as traditional pull-up banner stands. They are lightweight, easy to assemble and provide an effective solution for promoting your brand professionally. Replaceable cassettes can be put up in minutes and take up very little room to store. They also take up next to no floor space in the exhibition hall, giving you a bigger area to engage and interact with clients.

The graphic change takes just minutes to complete. Simply drop in the new cassette and pull out your new banner graphics. Re-branding for your next event has never been so easy. If looked after properly, replaceable cassettes can last for years, therefore enabling you to get the most out of your investment.