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Portable Counters

Portable Counters

Promotional Display Counters

There are many benefits of adding promotional display counters to an exhibition stand. They create a structured and formal meet-and-greet area that mimics the professionalism of your brand. Portable counters also offer you additional marketing space and internal storage.

They are load-bearing but lightweight, making them perfect for showcasing key products. The frames disassemble and pack away for easy storage. This also means they are exceptionally easy to transport as they can fit into almost any car.

Promotional counters allow you to entice and communicate with visitors whilst building on your brand identity. Ready to use in minutes, exhibition counters have a tool-free assembly and can be easily self-built in minutes. Designed to provide a useful yet high impact experience for both your brand, and your customers.

Perfect for retail environments, our demonstration counters are ideal for in-store sampling or tasting events in supermarkets or shopping centres. Display counters are available with printed graphics and additional header panels which provide extra height and visibility for your event whist enhancing brand awareness.

Choose from plain fabric wraps or customised printed graphics depending on your event needs. Our illuminated range of LED display lightboxes provide extra visibility and brand appeal.