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Outdoor Banners

Outdoor Banners

Outdoor Roller Banners

If you are taking your exhibition stand outside, we have a wide range of outdoor banners specifically designed to withstand whatever nature may throw at you.

Outdoor event marketing can be tricky to get right. Outdoor roller banners offer your brand a stable promotional backdrop with UV resistant and weather resistant graphics. They take just minutes to assemble and require no special training. This means you can focus on your customers faster.

The simple design of outdoor banners enables you to showcase your brand and attract the desired attention. Outdoor banners are printed in full colour to ensure exceptional detail for effective outdoor marketing. They take up minimal floor space and are easy to store and transport.

Outdoor retractable banners can be weighted down using pegs, sand or water, which enables them to withstand wind speeds up to 18-24 mph/29-38kph, and up to Beaufort scale 2 (4-7 mph/6-11 kph).

They can be used alone or as part of a larger display. They are perfect for events such as fairs, sporting events, competitions, product launches, trade shows and more.

Weather-proof, scratch-resistant and specifically designed for outdoor use, our outdoor banner range offers flexible brand promotion that won’t let you down.