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Inflatable Furniture

Inflatable Furniture

Inflatable Furniture

The entire surface of inflatable furniture has the potential to be fully branded, enhancing brand exposure and tying an exhibition display together.

Perfect for hospitality events, experiential marketing events and other indoor or outdoor exhibitions, you can pick from sofas, chairs, stools and tables. Inflatable furniture provides guests with the chance to sit down and hear about your business whilst giving an extra surface for increased promotional opportunities.

Effortlessly inflate the furniture within minutes with an electric pump and deflate it just as fast for easy storage and transportation. The furniture is expertly engineered to be highly resistant to abrasions and is suitable for use in all climates without risk of damage. This makes it ideal for businesses who take their exhibitions to several different events because the furniture is hard-wearing and long-lasting.

The one-piece fabric sock simply slides over the top and is printed using dye-sublimation technology for extraordinary vibrancy. The dye-sub printing process means that the fabric can be washed and folded away for easy storage without incurring damage. This is because the ink is injected into the fabric rather than on top, meaning it won’t crack, peel or fade.

Enhance your inflatable display further with LED lamps to create ambience and added style whilst enticing customers in.