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Double Sided Roller Banners

Double Sided Roller Banners

Double Sided Roller Banners

Double sided roller banners ensure your brand is seen from all angles and are the ideal display solution for high traffic areas when footfall is expected from all directions.

Double sided graphics enable you to maximise your brand exposure by having your brand on show at all times. They are especially useful if you have a marketing spot in the middle of an exhibition hall.

As with all pull-up banners, double-sided banners can be effortlessly assembled in minutes by just one person. They are lightweight, easy to transport and are supplied with specially designed carry bags.

Double sided banners come with high quality, full colour printed graphics which are laminated for scratch, tear and crease resistance, giving you longer lasting artwork.

Double sided banners are complete with two printed graphics which retract into the banner cassette. They take up minimal space, making them ideal for exhibition halls where space is limited.

You can choose to use the pull up banner with just one graphic if you only require one side for your event. This means you can use your double-sided cassette at any event.

The wide cassette base offers maximum stability when in use, meaning your stand won’t wobble or lean.