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How Much do Fabric Exhibition Stands Cost?

How Much do Fabric Exhibition Stands Cost?

Like with any other display solution, the price of a fabric exhibition stand depends on which style and size you go for.

Here at XL Displays, we are known across the industry for our five-star customer service, high-quality products and competitive pricing.

We are especially competitive on fabric displays because we do not charge any extra for double-sided printing. This means you can maximise your brand exposure without it costing you a penny more.

The advantage of double-sided printing is that it gives you extended brand coverage so that your company can be recognised from any angle. This is especially useful in high footfall event and exhibition halls – particularly if you have an exhibiting space that is in the middle of the venue.

With this in mind, our fabric exhibition stands offer excellent value for money – regardless of which one you choose.

Formulate Monolith Fabric Exhibition Stand

The Formulate Monolith is our entry-level fabric exhibition stand. It comes in a choice of six widths, ranging from 600mm to 1500mm.

The varying widths give your brand the flexibility to invest in a fabric stand that is perfect for your event and the space you have available to you.

Like with all fabric exhibition stands, the monolith gives you edge to edge marketing with seamless, high definition graphics designed to get your business noticed and to generate leads.

Investing in a monolith will cost you between £199.00 and £285.00 depending on size, making it one of the most affordable display solutions available.

Formulate Straight/Curve Fabric Exhibition Stand

The most popular fabric exhibition stands we manufacture are the Formulate Curve and the Formulate Straight displays.

Both are available in 2400mm, 3000mm and 6000mm – and both configurations have the same price point.

The 2.4m fabric exhibition stand costs £319.00 regardless of which shape you choose and whether you opt for single sided or double sided graphics.

The Formulate straight and curved displays are ideal for businesses who require an exhibition stand that is slightly more large format.

Despite their larger size, these fabric exhibition stands retain the effortless push-fit, tool-free assembly and easy storage that all fabric displays have.

Fabric Exhibition Stand Bundles

Here at XL Displays, we know that exhibiting can be a huge financial burden due to mounting costs of floor space, travel, staffing the event and getting your display ready.

This is why we have carefully crafted our fabric exhibition stand bundles so that you can get maximum brand exposure at a budget-friendly price.

Small Fabric Bundle

The small fabric bundle costs £666.00 and includes everything you need to make an impact at your next event.

In the bundle you get a 1500mm Formulate Monolith stand, a Formulate Snake fabric banner stand and an oval Formulate Promotional Counter.

The Monolith is the perfect display backdrop, and the Snake adds a unique twist as a result of its original shape.

In addition, the demonstration counter acts as a professional point of sale that is ideal for greeting your visitors and closing sales.

Formulate Fabric Exhibition Stand Bundle Small

Medium Fabric Bundle

For something slightly larger, the medium fabric exhibition stand bundle is an excellent choice.

This kit includes a 3m Formulate Curve fabric display, a 900mm Monolith and a rectangle Formulate Counter.

This bundle is ideal for larger exhibition areas and comprises of all of our bestselling fabric exhibition stand options – meaning you are guaranteed to receive a quality display.

Formulate Fabric Exhibition Stand Bundle Medium

Large Fabric Bundle

If you have a big exhibition area then the large fabric exhibition stand bundle is the best choice. It comprises of a 6000mm straight Formulate display, a 1500mm monolith and a large rectangle counter.

The major selling point of this is that all three components can be used together to create a single display, or they can be used separately for different events.

Formulate Fabric Exhibition Stand Bundle Large

We sell a comprehensive range of fabric exhibition stands at competitive prices. To find out more, call 01733 511030.