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How Are Pop Up Stands Stabilised?

How Are Pop Up Stands Stabilised?

Pop up stands come in many shapes, sizes and configurations, each one giving you a large format display with the purpose of building brand awareness and lead generation at events and exhibitions.

They are one of the most versatile and portable display solutions on the market, giving you the flexibility of being able to use a popup stand for almost any event.

Pop up stands are extremely easy to assemble and disassemble. There is no need to hire expensive contractors to build your pop-up exhibition stand as they require just one person to complete the installation without the need for any tools.

Pop up stands are available in two shapes, straight and curved. Because of the depth of pop up stands, they are completely self-sufficient when it comes to stability.

The popup aluminium frame is 306mm deep once fully assembled. The fully magnetic frame then is held in place using extra strong magnets which prevent the frame from collapsing or wobbling.

3x4 Curved Pop Up Stand

Curved popup stands stand at 2225mm high and are available in five standard sizes – 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4, and 3×5. Curved pop up stands feature a slight concave shape which by nature gives the display added stability.

Straight pop up stands are available in the same five sizes and have an overall depth of 306mm which is deep enough to be stable during use.

High Quality Hardware

The quality of the pop up stand hardware also plays a huge part in the stability of the exhibition stand when in use. Our popup stands utilise UK made Ultima Evolution Quick Plus™ hardware. The quality far supersedes that of the cheaper Chinese imports which offer little stability and quality.

The hardware we use is manufactured using a high-quality thick grade of aluminium. The aluminium frame is covered with an 80-micron hard-wearing anodised finish which makes it longer lasting. The aluminium frame is finished with extra strong magnetic stalks to hold the pop-up stand frame in place securely when in use.

Our popup displays are backed a 10-year manufacturer warranty, giving you an exhibition stand that is designed to last time and time again.

Stabilising Feet Accessory

Pop Up Stands Stabilising Feet

We offer a pair of stabilising feet which can be added to any popup stand of any size for extra stability if required. However, we do not include these as standard with all pop up stands as they are not always necessary.

Stabilising feet can be fixed to the bottom of the popup stand frame. They are made from pressed steel and powder coated black with a semi-matte finish. Each stabilising foot is 501mm long and protrudes from the edge of the popup stand by 185mm.

There are a few instances where we would always include or advise using stabilising feet. These are on all jumbo pop up stands. Due to the height of these tall pop up stands, we advise always using stabilising feet just to give it more stability.

Stabilising feet are also included when using a popup stand monitor bracket. The monitor bracket holds screens up to 22 inches wide or 5kg in weight. Because of the extra weight, we would advise against using the monitor bracket without the stabilising feet.

In some cases, but not always where pop up stand shelving is added to the display we may advise using the stabilising feet. Again, this is down to the extra weight which is added to the display taking into consideration the display material, not just the additional hardware.

Attaching the pop up stand stabilising feet couldn’t be easier.

No matter how large you want to take your exhibition stand, pop up stands still remain a stable and sturdy solution.

For more information on our pop up stands please contact us or call us on 01733 511030.