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Why Fabric Displays Are The Perfect Shell Scheme Option

Why Fabric Displays Are The Perfect Shell Scheme Option

For many years, exhibitors chose printed foamex panels to dress shell scheme exhibition stand walls. Printed graphic panels are great for maximising the space of shell scheme stands as they don’t use any ground space. They are easy to put up and, majority of the time, are attached using hook and loop Velcro. Although printed foamex panels provide a great backdrop for shell schemes, graphics are split by vertical aluminium poles. With the exhibition industry having modernised considerably, dressing shell schemes with printed foamex panels can look outdated and basic. This is a stark contrast to the custom built stands that may be alongside them.

Many exhibitors nowadays opt for Pop Ups and roller banners as a modern upgrade to traditional printed panels for shell scheme exhibition stands. For exhibitors who offer services and don’t require floor space to showcase products, Pop Up exhibition stands are a firm first choice due to their portable and reusable nature. Pop Up displays are perfect solutions to creating small branded environments in all sorts of places, including conferences, open days, job fairs etc.

These portable display solutions make great exhibition stands, but some exhibitors worry about the floor space they require. When exhibitors are paying hundreds or thousands for their exhibition floor space, they want to maximise usage. This is true especially if exhibitors require maximum space to exhibit their products, as opposed to solely having marketing material to display.

So what is an efficient alternative?

Fabric exhibition stands are a fast growing favourite for exhibitors who want to dress their shell scheme stands but don’t want aluminium strips breaking up their graphic design. Tensioned fabric stands are flexible, reusable, durable and roll up for easy transportation.

Fabric display stands are printed using dye sublimation printing, a modern method where by dye is printed into the weft of the fabric rather than just on top. This results in a fabric display that is vibrant and crack, tear and crease resistant. Dye-sub printed fabrics are every bit as crisp as pigmented printed boards. Because they’re printed onto a roll, they can be almost any length. This means that every exhibitor can enjoy the benefits of eye-catching, space efficient graphics that are not broken up by aluminium poles, and a shell scheme exhibition stand that is a cut above the rest.

Fabric displays use a fraction of the floor space compared to Pop Up Displays. Not only do fabric displays look superb, they are also reusable. Their flexible properties mean they incur less wear and damage than rigid graphics. Our fabric exhibition stands are also machine washable so keeping your display looking pristine is easy.

We offer great fabric exhibition stands, from fabric banners and larger fabric displays to fabric pop ups, fabric exhibition counters and fabric hanging displays.

Fabric Exhibition Stands

Our selection of fabric exhibitions come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Fabric is a popular alternative to printed graphics because it offers a professional display with high impact and seamless graphics. Lightweight and highly portable, our range of fabric display stands are quick to assemble and can be packed down into a carry bag for easy storage and transportation.

The lightweight aluminium frame of our fabric stands is quick and simple to build. The range of sizes and shapes means there is a fabric display stand to suit any space. The tension fabric sock slides over the frame, creating a seamless, tensioned display.

Our popular fabric displays are often available in bespoke sizes to suit your stand requirements. Contact our sales team on 01733 511030 to discuss your requirements and find your perfect fabric solution. Alternatively, you can fill out the short form on our contact page with your query.

Here is some inspiration from a few of our customers who we have helped with fabric exhibition stands.