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Exhibition Stand Installation Tips

Exhibition Stand Installation Tips

Exhibition stand installation can be stressful for both novice and expert exhibitors. This is why it is important to make sure you have a structured plan for installing your stand, keeping it together during the show and dismantling it for next time.

Stands can vary in size so be sure to plan your installation accordingly. Here are some of our top tips in simplifying the process:

Venue Rules

Before the exhibition, make sure you are aware of all of the venue rules and regulations to ensure you meet the guidelines set. Venues have rules and regulations in place to ensure all visitors and exhibitors are safe during the event. Ask for guidelines on stand restrictions to ensure the stand you are planning fits within them. There is nothing worse than designing an incredible stand with a variety of trendy components such as hanging structures to find out they are not allowed.

Who’s in Charge of Installation?

Stands come in endless combinations of shapes and sizes which all require different ways of being set up. Consider the type of stand you are thinking of taking and determine whether you will be able to set up the stand yourself or whether you need to source an installation team.

If your stand compromises portable display equipment like pop ups and roller banners, then the stand can be assembled in minutes by you or your staff.

Alternatively, if you are attending a large scale event then you may opt for a bespoke or modular exhibition stand. Depending on size and configuration, you may feel it is best left to a professional installation team. If this is the case, make sure you have included this into your budget as this will be an extra cost.

When can you set up?

Good organisation is vital in ensuring your event runs smoothly. Before the event, find out when you are allowed to start setting up. We would recommend arriving at the venue as early as you’re allowed and setting up with plenty of time to spare.

Venues often allow you to set up the day before the event, if this is the case make sure you know what time you are allowed to stay until. It’s a good idea to plan a test build before the event so you know how long installation will take and add an hour for any unforeseen circumstances.

If you have not planned correctly and finished setting up with time to spare, it can mean the exhibition will start before your stand is ready. This gives an extremely unprofessional first impression to visitors and results in a loss of leads.

It’s always best to be set up and ready for the event with plenty of time to spare than to be rushing around increasing stress amongst staff. Disorganisation can cause staff to feel unprepared and result in them performing below their capabilities at the event.

Health and Safety

Safety of your staff is important. Exhibition stands and display equipment all have different requirements for assembly. Always ensure you have the correct amount of staff for setting up so no one is at risk.

A roller banner or a for example, can be easily assembled by just one person without them being at risk of injury. Large bespoke and modular exhibition stands will require more man power to install to ensure staff members are not injured.

If you have a larger stand with heavier components then you may need to consider purchasing a folding trolley so you are able to transport goods without the need of heavy lifting. Also, remember to remind your staff members of the correct way to pick up and carry heavy boxes, so that they do not injure their backs.

Exhibition Emergency Kit

Before leaving for the event, ensure you have all the correct tools needed to set up. There is nothing worse than getting to the venue to find out you’ve forgotten a vital tool. Taking an emergency kit with you is be a great way to ensure all tools are accounted for.

Post-event disassembly

After tiresome days at an event, the first thing you will want to do is pack away as quickly as possible. This is where many exhibition stands get damaged or parts go missing. Do not rush the disassembly of your stand. Have a plan of who is in charge of disassembly and where it is going to be stored.

Careful disassembly ensures your stand is fit for purpose for your next event.

At XL Displays we are experts in exhibition stand design and provide anything from exhibition stands to portable display solutions, such as pop up stands, roller banners and portable counters.

We provide assembly instructions and video tutorials for many of our products – see individual product pages for more details.

We also offer a full exhibition stand installation and dismantling service – call us on 01733 511030 or contact us to find out more.