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Exhibition Stand Accessory Options

Exhibition Stand Accessory Options

Adding exhibition stand accessories to your display is a great way to increase appeal to visitors. If your display has room to add accessories then do so to increase your chances of attracting potential clients.

Exhibition halls are often filled with an overwhelming amount of exhibitors. This is why it is vital to go above and beyond to make your exhibition display really stand out. The displays that stand out at ones visitors are most likely to visit.

Monitor Brackets and Stands

Did you know that 80% of people can recall a video they’ve watched in the past 30 days?

When you’re competing against hundreds of exhibitors to have your business remembered, adding an audio-visual element is vital. Media makes your interactive and prolongs the period of time spent on your stand, giving more opportunity for engagement.

There are varying ways to show video media on an exhibition stand. If your stand configuration is made up of a pop up stand, an integrated monitor bracket is ideal. The specialist monitor bracket attaches easily to the pop up frame and has a standard VESA mount plate which fixes to any flat-back screen. Our monitor bracket is compatible with any pop up stand and can hold a monitor up to 22” wide. Stabilising feet come as standard with the monitor mount for increased stability.

If you want to add a mobile media device, a TV and monitor stand on wheels is a great choice. The monitor stand can support both LCD and LED screens up to 60” with a weight of approximately 45kg.

The stand features an adjustable plastic shelf which is ideal for storing components and accessories. An integrated cable management system is also included which allows cables to be hidden, creating a clutter-free appearance.

Furthermore, this monitor stand is height adjustable so perfect for use in different exhibition environments.

Exhibition Stand Accessories – Lighting

Adding lighting to an exhibition stand is a quick and effective way to make your exhibition display stand out among competitors. When you’ve worked hard on the design of your pop up stand, adding lights perfectly complements the graphic design and makes the colours pop. Our range of lights are easily installed on both pop up stands and banner stands.

Lights are also adjustable so you have the option of choosing where you want people to focus on the display, be it your contact information, company logo or the graphic itself. Illuminating your exhibition stand is a perfect way to ensure your brand gets noticed.

iPad Display Stands

iPad display stands are an incredibly useful and versatile piece of display equipment that should be part of everyone’s display stand. Using a tablet stand can allow you to draw and engage an audience by:

  • Locking the tablet to your website, allowing visitors to browse through.
  • Playing a promotional video on a loop throughout the event.
  • Running competitions through interactive games (preferably relevant to your business).
  • Running an optional survey to find out information about your visitors and their thoughts on your stand.

The Universal iPad and Tablet Stand is one of our most popular iPad stands at just £72.00. This freestanding tablet display stand holds a variety of tablets.

The tablet enclosure can be mounted in either a landscape or portrait orientation.

Leaflet Dispensers

Leaflet dispensers are an ideal choice for displaying corporate leaflets, brochures and marketing material. They enhance the look of an exhibition stand and as they are portable and freestanding require a minimum amount of floor area on your display stand.

They are a great way to ensure your visitors have a means of accessing marketing material to take away after an exhibition.

You can easily incorporate a leaflet dispenser with a monitor stand with our audio visual and literature post. This uniquely designed stand is a robust, handy and versatile information and promotion post, incorporating six literature holders and an LCD monitor bracket. A perfect compact literature stand and information point.


Shelving units are available for our pop-up exhibition stands and provide your stand with more depth that helps to create a physical display area. Shelving units are commonly used to display literature or products but can be used to display anything you wish.

The shelving unit sits neatly within the pop-up and comes with one acrylic shelf included, however, you can add an extra shelf if required. The unit will also hold up to 10kgs in weight and is available with lights if needed to really make your product stand out.

At XL Displays we offer a wide range of exhibition stand accessories to complement both pop-up exhibition stands and pull up banners. Please contact us or call our sales team on 01733 511030 for more information.