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Are Pop Up Stands Good For Marketing?

Are Pop Up Stands Good For Marketing?

What is a pop up exhibition stand?

A pop up stand is a large format display solution designed to attract attention to and raise awareness of your brand at exhibitions and events.

Here at XL Displays we manufacture a wide range of pop up display stands, including linked pop up stands, curved pop up stands and straight pop up stands. If you are unsure which pop up stand is the best for your brand and your event, our trained and knowledgeable sales team will advise you on the most effective display that is fit for purpose.

The one thing all variations of pop up stands have in common is a flawless finish. Each graphic panel is laminated and crafted for years of use, allowing pop up displays to maintain that like-new look and feel, even after being used again and again.

How expensive are pop up exhibition stands?

The price you pay for a pop up display depends on the size you go for. Obviously, the larger the stand, the more expensive it will be.

We know that exhibiting is a costly process and the last thing businesses want is to spend all of their marketing budget on one event.

It is for this reason that we supply pop up exhibition stands that include everything you need to exhibit, but at a reduced cost.

Our kits include LED lights, enabling you to illuminate your display whilst slashing your lighting costs by up to 60%.

By doing this, we are helping to keep costs down but to keep your brand awareness up.

Why pick a pop up display stand?

With so many exhibition solutions out there, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with choice.

You would be forgiven for thinking that the most expensive display solution is the best and end up shelling out a fortune on a build and burn display; but pop up stands are cost-effective marketing tools that have long been the bread and butter of exhibitions.

Trends come and go, but pop up stands have stood the test of time and proven that they are the best. Here’s why:

Large format

As previously mentioned, pop ups offer you a wide graphic area to maximise your branding and to be creative with your graphic design.

Cost-effective and effortless assembly

Our pop up stands come complete with everything you need to promote your brand. We supply each pop up display with LED lights as standard to help you reduce your lighting costs, as well as a Zeus case with a graphic wrap. The Zeus case transforms into a promotional counter, whilst serving as a wheeled carry case for effortless storage and transportation of your entire stand in between shows.

Our most popular pop up stand kit is the 3×3 curved bundle. Although the name can be deceiving, the stand isn’t 3m by 3m, it’s three cubes wide and three cubes high. The cubes refer to the number of squares within the pop up frame itself, meaning the 3×3 pop up display isn’t as large as you would think; making it perfect for exhibitions and trade shows.

To see exactly what we mean and what is included with our pop up stands, see the video below:


To see just how effortless our bestselling pop up stands are to assemble, watch the video below:



Build and burn stands are exactly that; you build them and burn them after one use. Not only is this unsustainable, it seems like a waste of money when you can invest in a pop up display and get equal results for half the cost, along with the opportunity to reuse your display as many times as you like.

Even if your marketing campaign changes, you can purchase replacement graphics and reuse your original frame. If you need a bigger frame or a different shaped frame, simply purchase linking panels and reconfigure your original frame to suit your exhibition space.

This saves you money and time, and allows you to maximise your initial investment.


Pop up stands are lightweight and exceptionally easy to assemble, but they are also heavy duty marketing tools that can stand the vigorous exhibition process time and time again.

The scissor lattice frame comprises of aluminium poles that simply expand and click into place and graphics are affixed with magnetic bars. This means you can self-assemble a pop up without tools, but the tool-free assembly doesn’t compromise on the strength of the product.

All pop up exhibition stands are packed away into Zeus cases as standard. A Zeus case is a hardwearing plastic transport case that protects your pop up stand from damage during transportation and storage. In addition, Zeus cases double up as promotional counters when a graphic wrap is applied, allowing you to maximise every element of your investment.


Pop up stands are core exhibition materials, but we acknowledge that marketing has changed considerably since they first came on the scene.

Pop up displays have demonstrated that they can keep up with changing times through the use of contemporary materials.

Traditional PVC graphics work superbly and certainly have a high impact, but fabric displays are quickly becoming an exhibition favourite.

Pop up stands can accommodate both fabric and PVC graphics. Our fabric range comprises of SEG fabric pop up stands and Hop Up fabric stands, both of which provide your brand with photo quality imagery that packs a punch.


Every brand is different, and every event requires a change of approach. The easiest and the most cost-effective way to accentuate a pop up stand is with accessories. The great thing about pop up displays is that they are built to be reconfigurable.

Whether it’s shelves you want or a literature stand, pop ups are incredibly adaptable to your individual needs.

So how does all of this tie into marketing?

The aim of marketing is to attract new customers, increase sales and enhance your brand awareness. There is no set way to do this because it all depends on the business and their end goal, but it is worth keeping in mind that four out of every five people who attend exhibition events have buying power, meaning they are potential customers.

With hundreds of exhibitors at every event; many of whom will be similar businesses in terms of products and services, it is vital that your display stand not only stands out from the crowd, but that it translates into revenue.

How can pop up stands attract new customers?

People are attracted to nice looking things. It sounds so simple that it’s almost silly, but it’s true. The nicer something looks, the more likely people are going to look at it.

Using this rule of thumb, if your pop up stand looks nicer than the others around it, people will be drawn to it.

We established earlier that the majority of people at exhibition events have money to spend, meaning simply getting people to look at your stand can have real revenue results.

Expanding Your Market Influence

In order for your business to maximise its potential, you need to dominate the industry you are operating in. The way to do this is to network, have positive business relations and to know people in high places. This may sound difficult, but it’s exceptionally easy to do when you attend exhibitions.

It is thought that 46% of event attendees are in upper management roles, giving you the opportunity to deal directly with the people at the top of the chain and to make relationships face to face.

Getting the people who matter to visit your stand comes down to getting their attention, which is why pop up stands are vital when marketing your brand. They are large format, and provided your design is perfected, pop up displays are guaranteed to get the attention you need.

It is also worth taking time at your event to scope out your competitors. See what they are doing, how they are marketing their brand and judge whether or not it is working. You can then use this information to improve your own business and better your marketing for next time.

Increase your sales

It’s all well and good having a high footfall to your exhibition stand, but if your staff don’t close deals and make leads, you may as well have stayed at home.

Select your staff carefully for events. Opt for the most skilled and knowledgeable people who you know have excellent customer service skills and can generate leads and close sales. It is important to remember that people buy people and to bear this in mind when exhibiting.

Paired with a high impact pop up stand, you are sure to increase your sales somewhat.

Raising brand awareness

Exhibition events give you unlimited potential when it comes to brand exposure. With the right marketing materials, you can boost your business awareness immeasurably.

Double sided pop up stands are particularly good for giving you 360-degree coverage in busy areas. With branding on every side of your display and an eye-catching design, people definitely won’t miss your stand.

Even if you don’t make a sale there and then, a lot of people will remember your brand name if your exhibition stand is memorable enough.

Understanding consumers

Like with anything, it is important to understand your customers. You need to know what type of marketing works best on them. Some industries rely heavily on social media and internet advertising to boost their revenue, whereas others fare better face to face.

The odds are, if you are exhibiting or attending an event, your business falls into the latter category. This means it is incredibly important that you utilise every tool you have to get your name known.

Whilst a lot of this comes down to the look of your display stand, the majority of it can be learned through trial and error and observation.

Look at your competitors and see what they are doing. Does it work? Are they closing sales? Is their footfall high? What’s their approach to customers? Use this information to perfect your own technique.

If they are attracting visitors through the medium of interactivity, make sure you invest in a pop up stand with a monitor bracket so that you can do the same. If clients prefer to read leaflets or brochures, add a shelving unit to your pop up to hold your marketing literature in a stylish way.

The great thing about pop up stands is that they can be customised to suit your exact preferences. Know what your customer wants and build you stand around them; make them feel like you are there to exhibit directly to them.

A lot of marketing comes down to people and how your face to face interactions impact on your set goals and objectives. Perfecting your exhibition stand will give you a big push in the right direction and set you up for communicating with consumers. There is no better way to do this that with a pop up display stand.

For more information about XL Displays’ full range of pop up stands, contact us on 01733 511030.